Competition Winners

'31st FITASC Sporting Championship of Oceania' 200 target SportingClays event Held at Brisbane Sporting Clays on Saturday 20-Apr-2019

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Team Competition
Team NameScore
Australia Open763
New Zealand Open693
New Caledonia Open659
Australian Juniors536
Australian Seniors531
New Zealand Seniors503
Australian Ladies500
Australian Veterans500
New Caledonia Seniors492
New Zealand Veterans458
Competition: Scratch
Hall, Robert2425242424232424192  1
Brown, Christopher2424242224242425191  2
Nankervis, Blake252522232424252219024 3
Kivinen, Cameron242422252125252419023 4
Deadman, Brian2423212325252424189  5

Competition: A Grade
Blanquet, Yann2425232323212321183  1
McGauran, Rhys2024232323242322182  2
Brown, Robert2423232322232122181  3

Competition: B Grade
Andries, Tony1922212023212120167  1
Buys, Amy2223201821182022164  2
Marlier, Nicolas1821192120212221163  3

Competition: C Grade
Jessop, Donald2022181921142216152  1
Torre, Ceasar1820171421182118147  2
Short, Dean1619181922161719146  3