Online Nomination Information


Online Nominations

The online nomination system involves a number of simple steps

These steps are listed in the following sections. You may get further details of those steps by clicking on the heading line.

The process will allow you to nominate one or more people for the event. You will need to pay the nomination fees by Bank transfer, credit or debit card or pay on the day, depending on how the event is set up.

You will be asked to enter your email address. This is used to:

  • Identify you
  • Send you various notices during the process
  • Keep you informed of the progress of your nomination application.

Your email address may need to be confirmed. This is a simple process:

  • An email containing an identification code (PIN) is sent to the specified email address
  • You receive and read the email
  • You enter the PIN shown in the email into the entry form
  • If the PIN is correct, your email address is confirmed.
The last two steps can also be replaced by simply clicking on the link highlighted in yellow included in the email. You will also be given the opportunity to have the website recognise you on the device you are currently using. This simplifies your use of the online nominations system in the future.
NOTE: You may be required to do a similar confirmation process if you wish to change or cancel your nomination later. This is done to ensure that someone else cannot interfere with your nomination application.

If your email address is found in the table of shooter names, and there is only one such entry you will be asked if the corresponding name is in fact you.

If there are more than one entries with that email address, you will be asked to choose which one is you.

If your email address is not on the database, you will need to confirm your email address as described above before proceeding. Once you have entered the correct PIN code, you will be asked to enter your name details so the database can be updated.

In this step, the checkout page is displayed showing the nominations (if any) that you have set up at this stage and options are provided to make adjustments to the details.

  • If the status of the nomination application permits it, individual nominations can be deleted or modified
  • If there is more than one nomination, but within the limit set for the number of people in a group who can be nominated to shoot together in the event, a button labelled "We need to shoot together" will be displayed.
    Notes on the "shoot together" option:
    • The "shoot together" option is only available for people nominated together and it may require payment of an Administration Fee.
    • If you are traveling in a group, you can organise all the people in that group to nominate in the same wave. This option does not require any additional fees and the group can all nominate and pay individually.
    • Setting up shooters in the same squad involves some administrative intervention and it normally results in the addition of an "Administration Fee" for each shooter in the group.
    • Rule A21.3 requires that juniors and sub juniors must always be accompanied by an adult. Therefore the Administration Fee will be waived for a "shoot together" group comprising one or more juniors/sub juniors and an adult.
    • The shoot administrator can set a limit on the number of people who can request to shoot together.
  • If you haven't already done so and you meet any eligibility criteria that have been set for the event, there will be a button to allow you to nominate yourself. You will then proceed to Step 3 to select your nomination preferences.
  • There will be a button to allow you to nominate someone else. If you click that button, you will need to select the person:
    • If the person is an SCA member and you know their SCA ID number, you can select them with that. The SCA ID is a nine-digit number starting with one and it can be abbreviated, so if the number is 100001234, you can just enter "1234".
    • Otherwise, you can enter the person's surname (or the first few letters of their surname) and select them that way. If there is more than one matching name, you can select them from the list of names.
    • If the selected person meets the eligibility requirements of the event, you can then select the nomination preferences (see Step 3).

In this step, you will be able to set up the preferences for the selected shooter.

  • Preferred Category: Some events may restrict the range of categories. For example, FITASC events like the Grand Prix do not include the Sub-Junior category.
  • Preferred Wave or Squad: Shooters may have restrictions on arrival time or depature time due to such factors as airline schedules. There are also groups of shooters who travel together between their accomodation and the grounds - such people may wish to be in squads which start and finish about the same time.
    What is a wave and how does it help with such requirements?
    In this context, a wave is a group of squads who, under normal circumstances, would be called at the same time. The number of squads in a wave is the same as the number of courses set up for the event. Wave 1 always includes squad 1 and in most events, wave 1 starts first on the first day. Subsequent days may start with different waves.
  • Payment Options: In the final step, you will need to choose the nomination payment option for the selected person. Under normal circumstances, there will be prices for Adults, Seniors and Juniors. There may also be concession prices.
  • Once you have set those details, a summary will be displayed and you can confirm that the details are correct. If so, the Checkout page will be displayed (Step 2). If not, you will be returned to the start of Step 3 to make any corrections.

Completing the nomination application process

Imagine you went into a shop, ordered a meat pie with sauce and then walked out. The shop owner would be left holding a meat pie with sauce added which he could no longer sell and he would not be happy.

Similarly, it is very important to complete the nomination process. If you do not complete the nomination process, the website will automatically delete your nomination details after a couple of days and you will not be included in the event.

So what is involved in completing the process?

  • Click on the "I have finished..." button on the Checkout page.
  • If there is a requirement for the event Administrator to review the nominations, an email will be sent to that person and the nomination application status will be set to "Requires Approval". Nothing further can happen until the Administrator has completed that review and resolved the issues. When that is done, the invoice email described below will be sent to you.
  • Otherwise, the Terms and Conditions of nominating in the event will be displayed. You should read those T's and C's and if you decide to accept them, click on the button labelled "I accept...". If you don't like the terms and conditions you can cancel your nomination or go back to the Checkout page to make some modifications.
  • If you accept the Terms and Conditions, the website will display a form to allow you to choose how you wish to pay. There are three basic payment methods supported, but they may or may not all be available in a particular event:
    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit/debit card payment
    • Deferred payment (Pay on the day)
    Furthermore, deferred payment may not be available for all waves in an event, for example when the event administrator wants to ensure that the first squads are all prepaid to reduce congestion at the Nomination office at the start of the day.
  • If an event has no other payment methods available, the Deferred Payment option is taken automatically.
  • If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, a screen will be displayed to allow you to enter your card details:
    • Your name as it appears on the card
    • The card number
    • The card's CVC code which is normally a 3-digit number printed on the back of the card
    • The card's expiry date in the format MM/YY so July 2020 would be entered as 07/20
    This data is input by the Pin Payments website and is never seen or stored on the Live Scores website.
    Once you click the "Submit" button, the payment is processed, normally within a few seconds, and if successful, you nomination status is set to "Confirmed" and your nomination preferences are locked in. A confirmation email will be sent to you with details of your nomination.
  • If you choose to pay by bank transfer, an invoice email will be sent to the email address that you set up in Step 1.
    • It contains an invoice for the nomination fees and any applicable administration fees that have been set up.
    • It includes the total amount to be paid.
    • It includes the BSB and Account details required to pay those fees by direct bank transfer.
    • It includes a unique identifier code (the "Payment PIN") to be used when making the transfer to ensure that the payment is properly identified on the organisation's bank statement so that the Administrator can validate it.
    • Finally, the email also includes some "Terms and Conditions" - an explanation that the nominations remain provisional until the payment is confirmed and that there may not be any available places in the event if that is delayed.
    The Payment Confirmation page which allows you to enter the Payment PIN will then be displayed. You can then:
    • Complete the transfer using your bank's website or App. Remember to specify the Payment PIN as the payment description.
    • Enter the Payment PIN into this page and save the details.
    • The nomination application status will be changed to "Payment Done".
    • The Administrator will be notified of your payment and will subsequently check the organisation's bank statement to confirm that the payment has been received.
    • NOTE: It can take 2 or 3 working days for the bank transfer to complete and the payment verified by the administrator.
    • If the event has filled in the meantime, you will be given the opportunity to be placed on the "wait list" or get a refund.
  • If you choose to defer payment until you can make the payment in person at the event you will need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. This option is provided for overseas competitors who cannot use Australia's bank transfer system or for Australians who, for whatever reason, are unable to make the transfer. It may require the approval of the Administrator. If approved, the nomination application status is set to "Payment Deferred" and the nomination details are locked in.